Hope Mobilization, formerly known as World Mobilization, is a non-profit organization. The developed projects are financed by the donation of individuals and legal entities from various countries.

Currently, the funds raised are earmarked for Nepalese Home programs in Nepal, a partner organization in Nepal that develops the work “The Apple of God’s Eyes Nepal”.

Our spending policy is to use a maximum of 12% of the entire collection with operating costs. So far, this expenditure does not reach 5%





We believe that every human being has a purpose on this Earth.

Each human being must have the OPPORTUNITY to develop in a healthy and safe way, so that they fulfill their purpose. Every human being must have FUTURE and HOPE.

It is up to each one of us the responsibility to work and fight for the dignity of life to be a reality for all.

We know that dignity implies not only immediate help but providing means for people and communities to develop in a full and sustainable way.



Awaken people around the world to the need to engage with others and connect those who want to help with those who need help.


Promote the protection and care of children, who are the most vulnerable in the world by taking action against abuse and the risk of human trafficking.


Promote human development through actions in healthcare and nutrition, education and vocational training.


Fight against human trafficking.


Promote sustainability programs for families and communities.


The history of Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization) is directly related to the history Silvio Silva and his family. In 2000, they moved from Brazil to Nepal, supported by MCM (a Brazilian organization) to start rescuing girls trafficked for sexual exploitation. The work prospered with the help of people from Brazil and other countries.

The Apple of God´s Eyes Nepal Program celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020. Since the program’s start, more than 600 children have been sheltered in our homes, fifty who were victims of human trafficking have been repatriated, and over 3000 children have been assisted with scholarships.

In Nepal, other initiatives have emerged from this work, such as the Human Trafficking Prevention Program, which distribute scholarships and provides awareness in risk areas, the Free to Fly Program provides education and vocational training so that rescued girls and their brothers could “Fly” and pursue their lives independently upon reaching adulthood, Boys’ Home, the house sheltering the brothers of the girls assisted by the program who were also in high risk situations. Disaster Relief Assistance helps with medical care and reconstruction following the earthquake in April 2015 and continuing today, and Vocational Training Program.

Hope Mobilization, initially known as World Mobilization, was formed to support what was already being done in Nepal and with a new vision to expand the work to other fronts and countries with new partners.

Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization) has a large team and is headquartered in Brazil. It is an independent, nonprofit organization partnering with works in Nepal, India and Brazil. It is the direct partner of the Nepalese Home, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in Nepal, that coordinates all the work of the Apple of God´s Eyes Nepal Program.

In addition, Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization) is fully responsible for raising and managing all the resources that sustain the work of The Apple of God´s Eyes Nepal Program.


HOPE MOBILIZATION – WORLD MOBILIZATION FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, on this site simply referred to as Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization), headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, is a private, non-economic, organizational, philanthropic, charitable association, promotional, recreational and educational, without political or partisan imprint.

Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization) is made up of individuals with no particular political or partisan interests, no prejudice of race, color, gender, language, religion, political opinion, social or economic status, or any other condition of discrimination or preference.


Directing Council:

In the USA:

President: Danilo J Brack
Treasurer: Guilherme Matheus
Secretary: Vicente Carlos Dalmaso
Director: Silvio Simoes dos Santos

In Brazil:

President: Eryck Bretanha Suleiman
Vice President: William Domingues de Souza
Financial Director: Davi Lopes Ribeiro Rosa
President of the Fiscal Council: Gery Leves do Carmo

In Nepal:

Country Director: Silvio Silva
Vice Country Director: Rosmari Silva
Project Manager: Mamata Tamang
Financial Director: Rupa Tamang
Legal Advisor: Binod Karki
Administrative Assistant: Bhuwan Karki

Other members:

Worldwide Secretary: Patrícia Assis Jaime Borges Leão
Regional Field Director for India: Marcelo Gonçalez
Regional Field Director for Mozambique, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan: Anézio Massuia
Regional Field Director for other African countries: William Domingues de Souza
Director Advisor: Thiago Bretas Borges Leão

Fiscal Council/Supervisory board:

Chairman of the Fiscal Council: Luiz Carlos Riccioppo
Member of the Fiscal Council 2: Gery Leves do Carmo
Member of the Fiscal Council 3: Denise do Nascimento Gomes


Nepal: The Apple of God’s Eyes

Nepalese Home is the Nepalese partner organization responsible for The Apple of God´s Eyes Nepal Program.

Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization) is responsible for raising and managing all the resources that support the activities of this program in Nepal and also provides technical, legal, administrative and spiritual support.

To learn more about the work of The Apple of God´s Eyes Nepal, visit www.aogenepal.org,

India: Teaching Life

We are partners in the Teaching Life project in India, whose founder and responsible is our Regional Field Director for India, Marcelo Gonçalez.

Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization) currently provides administrative and legal support to this work. For more information about this work contact is marceloeliete@gmail.com.

Learn more at our page Education.


Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization) is headquartered in the United States of America, where it operates administratively to raise and send funds for international programs.

460 Westford St, Lowell, MA 01851, USA
+55 17 3043-7771 or +55 17 3323-3288

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