Vocational Training

Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization) believes that building human dignity includes the ability to be self-sustaining. Having a vocation is part of the integral development of the individual, raising his honor and self-respect. So, we work to provide opportunities for discovering and developing skills for those involved in our programs. We are constantly promoting vocational courses and activities that encourage people to find out in which areas they can specialize for a better future. The individuals we assist are encouraged to become financially independent, thus allowing program resources to be invested in others in need.


Through Nepalese Home, our partner in Nepal, we have already provided several courses for teenagers and young people who are victims directly or indirectly of human trafficking. Some young people, because of their exposure to various trainings, have already chosen their vocation.


We make every effort to refer them to university when their chosen profession demands a higher education diploma. Still, whenever possible we offer workshops to further develop their skills. For this, we rely on outside help from friends who are willing to invest time in Nepal to teach their vocations to our young people.


The Training Center is a place where some young women have the opportunity to learn sewing and tailoring. Several are now employed at the Training Center, producing various items such as tablecloths, purses, backpacks, aprons, school uniforms, and other things. Baking courses are also offered. Currently, cakes, cupcakes and other baked good are prepared upon request.


We also have the Handcraft Center where greeting cards, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, among others are produced. Both boys and girls are involved in this program.


At the Beauty Parlor, girls learn about makeup, hair cutting and coloring, and overall aesthetics. Some girls work at the salon attending the general public as well as providing cosmetology services for wedding parties. These young women are currently studying with experts in Kathmandu to become more skilled in their profession.


Finally, in October 2017 the Beautiful Bride Shop opened. There bridal gowns and party clothes are available for rent and decorating for weddings and other parties is available. They have already provided complete wedding packages, including bridal and bridesmaid dress rental, bridal and bridesmaid makeup and hairstyle, wedding decoration, and the production of cakes and sweets for the party. Watching the young women put their training and skills into practice is gratifying.

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