We believe that education PROTECTS and LIBERATE

Access to education has always been the strongest way to protect children and teens from high risk situations. In both Nepal and India, we have seen that education is the key to protection. In the villages of Nepal, we see that children who can study are dramatically less susceptible to human trafficking.

Education brings dignity not only to the child but to the whole family. Fathers and mothers can dream of a future and hope for their children. In India, we have seen that in addition to protection, education offers a way for children to be free from prejudice and limiting caste structures. We believe that awareness, access to education and well trained teachers, are the heart of community development.



This work consists of distributing scholarships, which cover costs of required uniforms and school supplies to at-risk children and teens in regions prone to human trafficking. We have learned that families are greatly encouraged to protect their children from trafficking when there is hope through education. Hand in hand with the distribution of scholarships in each village, is an invitation for local residents to attend the Human Trafficking Prevention Program, which is designed to increase awareness of the issues of human trafficking and sexual slavery.


We are fully responsible for supporting and operating the Shristi Gyan Secondary School in Kathmandu. This school benefits children and adolescents sheltered in the homes of The Apple of God´s Eyes Nepal Program as well as the local community. The school has been in existence since 2009 and has been a benchmark in quality as its students have been 100% successful in passing the Nepalese Government’s final secondary education exam. The school serves students from the nursery to the last year of high school (grade 10).

Benefited Students


There are over 300 million Dalits (the untouchable caste) in India. We know that the social and cultural reality in India imposes on the Dalits (Indians considered of lower caste) a future without any hope. Below, some data of this sad reality:

• Every day three Dalits women are raped
• Dalits children are often forced to sit backwards in their classrooms´ chair, or even outside the classroom;
• Every hour, two Dalit houses are burned;
• Most high-caste people will avoid having Dalits preparing their food for fear of becoming filthy;
• Every hour, two Dalits are robbed.
• In many parts of India, Dalits are not allowed to enter temples and other religious places;
• 66% are illiterate; mostly women.
• Child mortality rate is close to 10%;
• 70% are denied the right to worship in local temples;
• 57% of children Dalits under the age of four years are very underweight;
• 60 million Dalits are exploited through forced labor.

Teaching Life

Children are undoubtedly the ones who suffer the most. The project “Teaching Life” came into being to address their suffering. The aim of Teaching Life is to give children and young people the right to study and thus have an opportunity to overcome the prejudices and limits of the castes. Through the project we sponsor children by offering them a scholarship so that they can study. 710 children are benefiting scholarships through Teaching Life. You can change the life story of these children, touching those who were untouchable. Education can give them HOPE. This is the proposal of the Teaching Life Program, supported by Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization).

Do you want to know more about Teaching Life project or donate a scholarship to a Dalit child? Then, contact Marcelo Gonçalez through marceloeliete@gmail.com.