As the work and its extension grew, we felt the need to look for more sustainable paths for The Apple of God’s Eyes Program in Nepal.

“Sustainability” would be to be able to develop activities that will sustain the Program looking for viable strategies in the social, economic and ecological spheres. We want not only to increase our income, but to reduce costs with socially and ecologically fair strategies.

We bought a “farm” and in it we had started our cost reduction by planting potatoes, some vegetables and garlic, we raised some animals that already met part of the demand for food in our homes. However, due to the earthquake in 2015, virtually everything was lost.


The farm underwent a long process of reconstruction with the help of several international teams, since the five small buildings that were built to serve our activities came down due to the earthquake.

The second process that we still have in the medium and long term is to generate income. After agricultural feasibility studies, we saw that the best for our farm is the large-scale production of cardamom for sale.

In addition to the farm, we have sought to diversify paths as “small businesses”. Check them all out in our “sustainability” video.

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