PROTECT to care


Nepalese Home, an organization that Hope Mobilization (World Mobilization) fully supports, has the rewarding task of welcoming and protecting victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation in India. Because of their vulnerability, many pre-teen girls are taken from their families in the poorest villages and transported as “sex slaves” to brothels of large prostitution zones in India. Together with the International Justice Mission (IJM) and the Nepalese and Indian police, these girls are rescued and repatriated. Since it is not possible in most cases to reintegrate them to their families due to the risk of another trafficking, Nepalese Home welcomes these girls into homes full of joy and care.

The houses also welcome girls who were abandoned, have experienced abuse or are at high risk of being trafficked. It is very important to offer support and protection to any victim or potential victim of violence, especially the minors who are the most vulnerable.

Safe Homes


When the work of distributing “Scholarships” is done an extensive work of AWARENESS against HUMAN TRAFFICKING is performed. Ignorantly, many parents end up surrendering their children to traffickers in the belief that they will go to India to study and have a better future. The awareness work shows data and tells the true stories of girls and boys who were tricked into becoming slaves of human trafficking.