Exhibition of the documentary “The Twelve Thousand” in Nepal


November 21, 2019 was a very special day for our partner Nepalese Home in Nepal. A cinema room was rented so that all children and young people who benefit from our work, employees and other friends could watch the documentary “The Twelve Thousand”. There were more than 400 people in all. The documentary was produced by Ally (https://allyglobal.org/), a Canadian partner organization of Nepalese Home. It tells the story of the trafficking and rescue of one of the girls who was repatriated to Nepal by Nepalese Home. No professional actor or actress worked in the documentary, only people who work with us or who benefit from our work. It was a historic and very emotional night.

The documentary bears that name because statistics show that twelve thousand Nepalese girls are trafficked to India each year for sexual exploitation. It has been shown in closed sessions in different countries and aims to, in addition to raising awareness about human trafficking in Nepal, raise funds for Nepalese Home to acquire a large piece of land and build all of its buildings. Thus, rental expenses, which represent more than 30% of monthly expenses, will be saved.

Visit https://thetwelvethousand.com/ to learn more.



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